July 2012 EB Bike Party (8pm Tonight) – Final Details/Reminders

That time is almost here, so here is the critical stuff you should know for tonight:

  • ENFORCEMENT: The police are less lenient than what we’ve grown used to in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville, so be aware that if you run a red light, have an open container on your bike or are seen littering, you may very well get a ticket. And, in case you don’t know, bike tickets for moving violations are insanely expensive. Stop at lights and pick up after yourself (as is our way) and things should be fine.
  • OBSTACLES/POSTS: There will be poles/posts at the entrance to and exit from the Iron Horse Trail tonight, so make sure to slow down, be careful, and shout it out to to the people behind you so everyone can stay safe.  That’s true of any obstacle, really.  If you see something, say something. Car back! Hole (and point to it)! Stopping! You get the idea.
  • WINDBREAKER: Bring one. Windy now, so when the sun goes down…
  • LIGHTS: As lights are the law, a great way to stay safe, and part of tonight’s theme, you’re strongly encouragedto light up. Even if this means taping a small flashlight to your handlebars and finding some kind of blinky (a necklace from a bar promotion or something) to keep your rear in the clear.  You can be ticketed for this one, so be proactive.
  • FOOD TRUCKS: We’ll have ’em at party stops one and two! First time ever! The trucks will be Viet Fusion and Taqueria on wheels.  The Viet Fusion truck will have a credit card reader, but you might want to bring cash anyway.  There will be some food/drink options super-close to our final stop so you won’t have to be hungry or thirsty for very long on this ride.
  • POSITIVITY: This can’t be overstated. The reason we’ve been able to do this for so long is because we help each other out and spread a positive vibe.  Let newcomers know how we ride by telling them, but more importantly by showing them. All it takes to be a leader is to show others the way.

Meeting time is 7:30, departure at 8pm. Pleasant Hill BART. NEW TERRITORY! You don’t want to miss this.


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2 Responses to July 2012 EB Bike Party (8pm Tonight) – Final Details/Reminders

  1. D says:

    Thanks ! But what about August ? Any route info yet ?

  2. D says:

    WHEN is the next scheduled Bike Party?! I missed the last one when I first heard about it !
    Will there be one in August ?

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