July 2012 EBBP – Tour de France/City of Lights – Ride Route & Turn-by-Turns

We’re just two days out from the July East Bay Bike Party.  And now, the ride route has been finalized!  It looks like this:

Don’t worry about the ‘mountains’ on the map.  They just mark off the party stops (with a Tour de France flair). The route is flat.  Very, very flat.  For a zoomable version of the  map above (including altitude gain info), click the map image or visit the MapMyRide page.

Last month we had a car vs. bike (thankfully, no one was seriously injured), so it’s a good reminder that lights are the law and important for your safety.  Cars seeing you is way better than cars not seeing you (nighttime = darkness).  When you rely on staying near people with lights for protection, if you end up away from the pack (which no one plans, but it happens), then things get unnecessarily interesting.  We also strongly recommend helmets.

A reminder of how we ride:

  • Stay Right
  • Stop At Lights
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed

Turn-by-turns for the route are at the bottom of this post.  See you this Friday!



START: Pleasant Hill BART Station

Jones Bridge to Iron Horse Regional Trail
R onto Walden Road
L onto N Civic Drive
R onto Pine Street
L onto N Broadway
R onto Mt Diablo Blvd
L onto S Main Street
R onto Olympic Blvd

STOP #1: CVS Walnut Creek (nearest to Mt Diablo Blvd)

Exit parking closest to Mt Diablo Blvd
East on Mt Diablo Blvd
L onto N California Blvd
R onto Civic Dr, continues as Oak Rd
L onto Oak Park Blvd 680 overpass
Stay right for looping (180˚ turn)
L onto N Main Street, continues as Contra Costa Blvd
R Sun Valley Mall / SEARS parking lot

STOP #2: Sun Valley Mall  (nearest to Contra Costa Blvd)

Exit mall onto Contra Costa Blvd
North on Contra Costa Blvd
R onto Concord Avenue
R onto Harrison Street
L onto Broadway, continues straight as Salvio Street
R into Todos Santos Plaza

END: Todos Santos Plaza*

*Concord BART is 3 blocks southeast of Todos Santos Plaza

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