Curious where we’ll be riding for the June Bike Party (on Friday the 8th)? Here’s the answer:

For a zoomable version, click the map or just click here.

The turn-by-turn instructions are at the bottom of this post.  Just a reminder, the theme is DANCING WITH THE STARS, ALIENS & ASTRONAUTS.  Our starting point is Ashby BART, and we’ll gather at 7:30pm and depart at 8 (or slightly after).  This is how we ride:

  • Stay Right
  • Stop At Lights
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate

Helmets are encouraged and lights are strongly encouraged.  Plus, bike theft has been on the rise, so bringing a bike lock (if your bike is going to be out of your sight at all) is a very good idea. And make sure you bring your dancing shoes, because it’s going to be epic.

See you tomorrow!

BIKE PARTY!!!!!!!!



*Meet Ashby Bart
R on Russell
L on Milvia (watch for bump)
(cross University)
(Milvia and Blake bump)
L on Cedar
(cross MLK)
L on fourth
R on Addison
L on Bolivar
*1st Party Stop Near Waterside Cycles
up on Bancroft
R on San Pablo
R on Clay
L of 14th
R Broadway
L on 2nd
R on Oak/1st
Continue on Embarcadero
*2nd Party Stop (Estuary Park)
L on Embarcadero West
R on Oak
Continue on Lakeside Dr
Continue on Harrison
L on 27th
R Broadway
*Final Stop Mosswood Park!


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1 Response to Ride Route for Friday 6/8 – DANCING WITH THE STARS, ALIENS & ASTRONAUTS

  1. Wilson says:

    Thank you Volunteers! Thank you sound bikes! Thank you those that cleaned up after themselves (and unders!) Thank you EAST BAY BIKE PARTY! One thousand plus, deep! We love summer…

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