February’s Ride Was Legendary – Thanks, Everyone!

For those of you who were there, you know last Friday’s ride was legendary.  A police escort through San Leandro (with one officer using his P.A. system to say, “Bike Party!”), great community spirit, a party stop left completely free of trash when we rolled out, people in the pack looking our for one another (shouting, “Stay right,” and, “Car up!”), and an after-ride party at NIMBY that will be hard to beat.  If you weren’t there, you’ll just have to join us for the next one.

The goal is to have a super-fun, community-oriented, people-positive, law-abiding ride and you nailed it! People from San Leandro cheered us on ride night, left positive comments on our Facebook page, and a few even promised to join us on future rides.  The police were super-helpful, blocking traffic and escorting us through San Leandro, and it was great to hear lots of Bike Partiers saying, “Thank you, officer,” throughout the evening.  Bike Party on Friday really was a community event.

We even got a write-up on the San Leandro Patch website, and the unofficial poll (at the bottom of the page) shows that people think Bike Party rocks! The article’s author discovered the previous post on this site in their research, and by quoting it, they’re helping us spread the word on what Bike Party is all about.  (Although calling us a ‘flash mob’ is somewhat hilarious.)

We’ve said it before: You create the culture of Bike Party.  Friday shows that you’re creating something amazing. Keep it up.  And if you want to help grow the culture, it’s as easy as walking the talk and also telling people how and why we ride when you’re answering their questions about when we ride.

If Friday is any indication, Bike Party will just keep getting better and better. The greatest thing is that you can tell everyone that Bike Party is your party. And your party ROCKS.

Special thanks go out to Ashley E., who put together the absolutely mind-blowing after-party at NIMBY; Nick U., who plotted, tested and revised the ride route; Snook and everyone at NIMBY who couldn’t have been more generous with their time, party space, rides and popcorn; DJ Dom, who provided ’90s tunage for the dance floor; all of our amazing test riders, who helped us maximize the route’s fun factor; and every rider who came out on Friday – you helped create something special and memorable.

Let’s do it again next month!  And there’s only one thing left to say, so feel free to whisper, sing or shout it wherever you are right now…


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