’90s DANCE PARTY RIDE is Tomorrow: Ride Route and Final Notes

We have three words for you about tomorrow night’s Bike Party: JUST DO IT.

The route is short and sweet (so that we can rock the party at NIMBY), the music is going to be amazing, and the after-ride party is the stuff of legend. For example: NIMBY is going to be SETTING UP RIDES FOR US!!!  Whoomp, there is is!  You do not want to miss this.

The starting point is the Oakland Coliseum BART Station.  As always, we’ll start to gather at 7:30pm and roll out just after 8pm.  As for the route, it looks like this:

1 party stop during the ride and a big, all-ages party after.  And no hills.  This ride is hella flat.  For a zoomable version, click the image above or just click here.  Some important reminders:

  • Your Ride, Your Community, Your Responsibility – If you threw a party in your backyard and saw people trashing your place or messing with your neighbors’ houses you’d be furious.  The truth is, this is your party.  The neighborhoods we ride through are our ours.  The houses we pass belong to people in our community. So, if you see something, say something.  If you notice someone helping out a fellow Partier, cheer them on!  If someone says, “Car up,” repeat it and pass it down the line.  If someone new doesn’t know the basics of Bike Party, get them up to speed in a positive way.  And if  you see behavior that’s destructive or is endangering people on the ride, remember that it’s your party, so it’s important for you to say something or find someone who’s comfortable doing so. There are so many people who have your back on this one!  We all love Bike Party and want to see it keep on keepin’ on.
  • Bring a Lock – There will be bike racks aplenty, but it’s self-parking, so you’ll need to bring your own lock.
  • Get Lights – It’s not just about cars seeing you, it’s about other Bike Partiers seeing you. If someone doesn’t know you’re behind them, they might cut you off and cause a crash.  And without a rear light, it’s hard for someone to see you slowing down. When they stop short (or worse, run into you) it causes a big crash.  Lights aren’t expensive and they’re an investment in your safety (and that of your fellow riders).  Most shops sell a front/rear set for $15 or less.  With lights, you’ll shine like the star we know you are!
  • Bring Cash – There will be food and drink available at the after-party at NIMBY and Sulaiman will be selling East Bay Bike Party t-shirts and hoodies.  All of this is on a cash-only basis, so if you want in on any of this, bring some currency.
  • Helmets Strongly Suggested – ‘Nuff said.

We’re incredibly excited to see you tomorrow night!  We will see you in the ’90s!


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2 Responses to ’90s DANCE PARTY RIDE is Tomorrow: Ride Route and Final Notes

  1. Wilson says:

    Bike party was badass x 500! Thank you, volunteers! Thank you, NIMBY! Thank you, BIKE PARTY!

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