SKI HO’S & SPEEDOS RIDE – Now Starts at SNOW PARK (Fri., Jan. 13)

The first East Bay Bike Party of 2012 is almost here!  The route has been finalized, and thanks to amazing feedback from our Test Riders (thanks, all) we’ve made some adjustments, including the starting point.  The Friday, January 13th Bike Party will now be starting at SNOW PARK.  Seems appropriate for a ski-related ride, right?

What does the route look like?  It looks a little something like this:

For a zoomable version of the map, you can click the map or just click here.

What else do you need to know?

  • The theme is beachwear and/or slopewear, but you’re welcome to make up your own theme if you like.
  • We gather at 7:30pm and try to roll out at 8pm – the starting point this month is Snow Park (your closest BART will be the 19th Street BART).
  • Volunteers are always appreciated (just look for someone with a bullhorn when you arrive and tell them you want to guide people through a corner or two).
  • If you’ve got a sound system, bring it! You’ll be like a bike folk hero.

That’s about it.  We’re excited to see you this Friday.  You know what comes next…


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3 Responses to SKI HO’S & SPEEDOS RIDE – Now Starts at SNOW PARK (Fri., Jan. 13)

  1. essmom says:

    Just wanted to give a shout-out to you guys. I live across the creek from Dimond Park where you stopped on this ride. At first when I heard the loud, amplified music I was mad but then as I watched I was enthraled by the music & moving lighted bikes. I can guarantee I haven’t seen any large gathering in our park so joyous at night. There were the complainers about the illegally amplified music, some wondering about the potential for violence or police action as in the park’s remote past. I know some called 911 for police response but don’t believe there was much if any. I personally do hope you return to our park in future but keep all the neighbor’s well-being in mind. Peace.

  2. Mary says:

    WONDERFUL bike party last night! It was my very first one and loved it. Lost my phone at the first dance stop though. Anyone happen to have picked up a black Pantech Link AT&T phone?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for riding down e 38th. Fun to see you all. Wish I could have joined. Bike Party!

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