December Bike Party: ROCK STAR PARTY – Ride Route

Thanks to a lot of Bike Partiers joining us for the test rides, we’ve now got a thoroughly vetted ride route for tomorrow.  Here it is:

You can click the map to get a zoomable view or just click this link.  For the turn-by-turn instructions, I’ve attached them to the bottom of this post.

Just announced: The ride will end at the bandstand in Lakeside Park (on Lake Merritt) for live music from Caldecott! If you need more details on the ride, this post should take care of it.  We’ll see you at Lake Merritt BART tomorrow night!



1. Down Oak St.
2. R ~ 10th St.
3. L ~ 5th Ave.
4. R ~ International (AKA “E. 14th”)
5. R ~ Fruitvale Ave.
6. Go over Fruitvale Bridge, MERGE LEFT
7. L ~ Fernside Blvd.
{Potential dip onto Thompson on ~R~ for Xmas Lights, then back to Fernside}
8. R ~ Otis Dr.
9. Otis dead ends into a park ~ PARTY STOP! :D
Push all the way into the park toward water’s edge.
10. R ~ out of park onto Westline Dr.
Westline curves ~L~ and becomes Shoreline Dr.
11. Forced ~L~ onto Broadway
12. Slight ~R~ Tilden Way
Over Fruitvale Bridge
13. MERGE to RIGHT-MOST left turn lane
14. L ~ E. 12th
15. L ~ 2nd Ave.
16. R ~ 10th St.
17. R ~ Oak St. Oak becomes Lakeside Dr.
18. R ~ Grand Ave.
19. R ~ Bellevue Ave., inside Lakeside Park
END @ The Bandstand (676 Bellevue) for Live Music by Caldecott!!

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