July East Bay Bike Party: MONOCHROMATIC RIDE (Friday, July 8th @ 7:30pm)

It’s about that time, everyone! Following hot on the heels of the Fourth of July (which is all about the RED, white and blue) is July’s East Bay Bike Party. This month’s theme: MONOCHROMATICISM. (You can view the Facebook event page for the ride here.)

Pick one color and rock it! Dress to match your bike, the sky, your shoes, your mood… there’s no wrong choice, so run with it. (ORANGE you glad we told you there are no limits?)

Here’s the route: http://goo.gl/H312A

As always, we’ll gather at 7:30pm and plan to depart at 8pm.  We’ll be starting at Lake Merritt BART and we’ll journey to the tropical island of Alameda (where you might be prone to YELL: “O, What a great time!”) before we loop back to Oakland. Your friends will be GREEN with envy that you got an island getaway, so consider inviting them along!

Since a decent portion of this ride will be along the waterfront (which could get a little breezy), we don’t want you to be BLUE, so we recommend you dress (or bring an extra layer) with that in mind.

After the Alameda-based spIN, DIG On this: we’ll return to Oakland and wrap the ride at the now-familiar (and much-loved) post-ride haunt, the Parkway Lounge. Get ready to party, as New Belgium Brewing will be in the house with drink specials and swag to give away.

So pick a color (any color), grab your friends and join us on July 8th for the rolling rainbow that is July’s East Bay Bike Party!

(Did you know that a predecessor of the violin was the VIOL? ETernally, this will be so.)

Now, say it with me…


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