SKIRT RIDE Is This Friday (We’ve Got a Party-Party-Party Situation)

Are you planning on coming out to this Friday’s East Bay Bike Party?  I sure hope so, because we have a Party-Party-Party situation on our hands.  Let me explain.

The night is a benefit for Spokeland, so we teamed up with Linden Street Beer as well as the folks at the Ashby BART Bike Station and Downtown Berkeley Bike Station to make this an epic night.

Ride Route:

Pre-Party: The night starts with a pre-party at the Ashby BART Bike Station at 7:30pm.  At 7:30pm sharp, there will be a Flat-Fix Competition complete with prizes, so if you want in on the action, get there early.  Our friends at the Ashby BART Bike Station will be holding an Open House during the pre-party, so if you want a tour they’ll be happy to show you around.

BIKE PARTY (Skirt Ride): This month we need to roll out at 8pm sharp (since we have a scheduled post-party to get to), so make sure you’re skirted up and ready to ride at 8pm.  There will be two party stops (both 15 minutes long).

Raffle & Foot-Down Competition: Raffle tickets for a Pake cyclocross bike frame will be available at the pre-party, party stops and post-party for $5 each.  The raffle will take place at the post-party.  And to keep things exciting, there will be a Foot-Down Competition at the party stop at DeFremery Park for a sweet hoodie!

Post-Party: The ride will end at the Downtown Berkeley Bike Station, and that’s where the post-party is at.  Linden Street Beer will be available (for a donation) and there will be bike parking! The raffle drawing for the Pake cyclocross frame will happen at the post-party.

Volunteers Needed: As always, we could use your help. We need volunteers for the ride itself (to help on turns) and to help with bike parking/keeping an eye on bikes at the post-party at the Downtown Berkeley Bike Station. If you can help, look for the folks with the bullhorns pre-ride and let ’em know.

See you Friday! BIKE PARTY!!!

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6 Responses to SKIRT RIDE Is This Friday (We’ve Got a Party-Party-Party Situation)

  1. Wilson says:

    Best EBBP to date. Wheels of Steel!!!

  2. alec says:

    @walter – Were you listening to the Dude’s story? It was popular enough, I’d be surprised if it didn’t make a comeback next year.

  3. ridenaked says:

    is there printable text directions of the route?

    • alec says:

      @ridenaked – Not on the map, but on ride night we do give the volunteers the turn-by-turn guide. If you seek out someone with a bullhorn on ride night, they can steer you in the direction of someone who has the turn-by-turn.

  4. walter sobchak says:

    How did I miss the Lebowski ride??

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