BIG LEBOWSKI RIDE – April 8th: Route Posted, El Cerrito Plaza BART

Greetings, Achievers!  After today’s amazing test ride (thanks to everyone who came out and made it fun & gave super feedback) we’ve tweaked and finalized the ride route for the Big Lebowski Bike Party this Friday night, and here it is:

As you may have guessed, the two icons with the stick figure stretching (i.e. limbering up) are where we’ll be having our party stops, so we’ve got a really nice one lined up at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Park.

The other ins, outs and what-have-yous:

  • There are two El Cerrito BART stations, so make sure you go to the El Cerrito Plaza BART for the ride start.  If you’re at the El Cerrito Del Norte BART, you’ve gone too far norte.
  • The ride end/afterparty is at Albany Bowl, where you’ll have the chance to buy food & drink and go bowling.  We’re going to reserve some lanes based on demand, so if you plan to bowl please send an email with that info (and how many people you’re speaking for) to ebbikeparty[at] by Wednesday night (3/6).
  • We expect a fair number of bathrobes on this ride, so we’re reminding everyone that April is Bathrobe Safety Month.  Make sure the back of your robe won’t interfere with (or get caught in) your wheels and consider doing away with the robe’s belt, or at least attach it so it can’t come free and get caught in your bike.

Pre-ride starts at 7:30pm and the ride will leave at 8 on April 8th, so mark it, Dude.  We’ll catch ya further on down the trail.

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1 Response to BIG LEBOWSKI RIDE – April 8th: Route Posted, El Cerrito Plaza BART

  1. Eric Anderson says:

    This is awesome! Finally a ride in my neighborhood.

    However, why not ride on the Bay Trail from Buchannan to Central? It’s so, so much nicer than riding on the access road alongside the freeway!

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