April Bike Party: THE BIG LEBOWSKI – Friday, April 8

The DudeDios mio, man! Break out your bathrobe, your bowling shoes and your Creedence tapes, because it’s time to MARK IT 8! The Dude rides & abides next month as Bike Party celebrates The Big Lebowski!

April’s ride (a natural, zesty enterprise) will start at El Cerrito BART at 7:30 and you can imagine where it goes from there! We’ll explore three towns: Albany, El Cerrito and Berkeley, guaranteeing you’ll be out of your element for at least part of the evening.

Having a tough time figuring who (or what) to go as? I can get you a toe… I mean, I can get you a costume idea. Check out some great outfits via Lebowskifest.

We’re expecting so many Dudes, Maudes, nihilists, Walters, and Brandts on April 8th that somewhere on the ride you’ll exclaim, “Has the whole world gone crazy?!?” At which point, someone else will mumble, “Calmer than you are.”

And the final destination really ties the ride together: Albany Bowl, where you can throw rocks, limber up (with oat sodas or what have you), and even grab some food (since we can’t hit the In-N-Out Burger on Radford). If you plan to bowl, we’re asking you to give us notes (in the form of an email RSVP to ebbikeparty{at}gmail.com) so we know how many lanes to get.

We love our volunteers (and proud we are of all of them), so if you want to help out on ride night all I can say is, “I dig yer style, Dude.” We can’t promise you lingenberry pancakes or the key to the City of Pasadena, but we do reward our volunteers on ride night. (And for those of you thinking, “Volunteering, that must be exhausting,” it’s actually not a lot of ins and outs.)

We’ll post the route about a week before the ride (but not on Shabbos), so prove you’re obviously not a golfer and join us on… what day is this… April 8th, as we roll to Albany Bowl with the Big Lebowski Bike Party.

The Dude abides.

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1 Response to April Bike Party: THE BIG LEBOWSKI – Friday, April 8

  1. Walter Sobchak says:

    I told that kraut a thousand times that I don’t roll on Shabbos!

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