March Bike Party: Ride Route for Lucky Charms Ride

March 2011 Ride Route

Route: Lucky Charms Ride

Are you ready to put the ride in Friday?  I thought so!  On your left, you’ll see the route map for this month’s bikeabout.

Don’t forget the important details: We gather at Rockridge BART starting at 7:30pm this Friday (March 11th), we depart at 8pm sharp, the ride ends at Ye Olde Hut (on College near Rockridge BART), the Five Ten Burger truck will be serving delicious eatables at ride’s end, and this is how we ride.

Volunteering is always appreciated: If you want to volunteer for the ride, show up at 7:30pm and look for the ride leaders (ask around or look for someone carrying a bullhorn) to get in on the pre-ride volunteer briefing.  And, yes, volunteering is rewarded!

See you Friday!

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1 Response to March Bike Party: Ride Route for Lucky Charms Ride

  1. Ali says:

    I live in Fresno, CA, and will be taking Amtrak so I can attend my first BIKE PARTY ever! Hopefully this might be something we can get started in Fresno too! I have asked my niece that lives in Berkeley to join me for the BP but she does not own a bike…is there any kind soul willing to loan her their extra bike for the night? Please let me know. Thank you!

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