Tomorrow Night: Free T-Shirt Screenprinting and More!

Oh, man. The buzz on tomorrow night’s ride is ridiculous. As always, the gathering starts at 7:30pm and we roll out at 8pm sharp. So many people are excited to put on a mustache!  Here’s what you need to know that you might not already know:

  • New Belgium Is in the House: We managed to team up with the Parkway Lounge and New Belgium Brewing for this ride, so the afterparty is going to be amazing. That includes swag to give away post-ride and…
  • Free T-shirt Screenprinting: There will be a station set up at the Parkway Lounge where you can screen your own t-shirt for free. If you want in on that, make sure to bring a t-shirt. Will the design going on your shirt have a mustache on it? Hell, yeah! (If you don’t bring a shirt, you can also buy a pre-screened t-shirt for $10 – quantities are limited.)
  • Drink Coupons at START OF RIDE: Get to Lake Merritt BART early (between 7:30pm & 8pm), because that’s where we’ll be handing out ‘beer bucks’ good at the Parkway Lounge for a discount on Fat Tire, Ranger IPA and 1554. We’ve set it up so you’ll have multiple spots inside the bar to get a beer, so it shouldn’t take long to grab a cold one.
  • Find Us on Ride Night Via Twitter: Unfortunately, our old ride night text alert system had to go. The good news is that we’ll still be posting our ride updates on Twitter (@ebbikeparty). If you don’t have a smartphone (with which to track our progress) and want Twitter to shoot you texts on our whereabouts, here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

So, wax that stash, trim that sucker, or stick it on and get ready for a BIKE PARTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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