January 14th Bike Party – Hillbilly Wedding: Ride Route Posted!

Howdy, EBBPeeps!  Bike Partiers will gather at the Bay Fair BART starting at 7:30pm this Friday (January 14th), and we roll out at 8pm sharp.  Want to know the route?  Here it is:

Jan. 2011 Bike Party Route MapClick the map or click here to go to the MapMyRide page with the ride route.

The ride comes in at just under 12.5 miles, the middle of the ride passes by the Hayward BART station twice (for those of you who might need to duck out early), and our final destination is The Dirty Bird Lounge (just 1/2 mile from the South Hayward BART station).

As always, we’ll send out text alerts on ride night to let you know where we are (and when we’re arriving at and leaving the party stops). We’ll send a test message to the text alert list on Thursday, so that people can tell if they’re set to get messages on ride night.  If you don’t get a message Thursday (the 13th) or know you’re not on the list, you can get on it by texting ebbikeparty to 41411.  (You’ll get a message confirming you’re on the list once the text message is received.)

I think that’s it until ride night.  The question is not, “Are you ready for Hayward,” the question is, “Is Hayward ready for us?!?!”  BIKE PARTY!!!!

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2 Responses to January 14th Bike Party – Hillbilly Wedding: Ride Route Posted!

  1. mS says:

    re-live the night!

    I managed to put together the little snippets of video I took throughout the party:


  2. Jym Dyer says:

    =v= None of my cousins showed up, so there was nobody to marry. Yee-haw!

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