Zombies and Bikes and Pirates, Oh My!

October’s Zombie Ride was deathly fun for all who came out. With four speaker bikes (thanks Deep, Rock The Bike, Dan, and the Cruiser Mob!) and over 300 riders, the Zombie Bike Party (Ride #6!) was the best the East Bay has seen yet! There was even a bike sumo competition put on by Leif from Rock the Bike in Jack London Square before we moved on to our final destination, The Parkway Lounge where Richmond Spokes set up Bike Parking for us. Our buddy Buffo was on hand to feed the horde his most excellent Pizza brains…er, rolls. We want to make a special thanks to all our Volunteers for the night, they were AWESOME at herding the Zombie masses in the right direction, and keeping the infection from spreading. They were rewarded with free beer at the Parkway Lounge in exchange for all their hard work. (email us at ebbikeparty.at.gmail.com or sign up on our volunteer facebook at ebbp volunteers!) Photos of the ride can be found along with a great write up from Oakland Local here, or check out Jon Suzuki’s Flickr page!

November Bike Party will be on November 12th, and our theme is going to be Pirates! That’s right mateys, get your booty in gear for lootin’ our next route, down in San Leandro. We’ll post the route as soon as it’s settled amongst the fleet. BIKE PAARRRRRTY!!!

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