Update: Texting Operational, Next Ride’s Theme: Wild West

Greetings, Bike Partiers!  Just a quick message to let you know that we’re rapidly approaching the second Friday of September, which falls on the 10th.  This month’s theme is the Wild West.

Our texting system is back in action, so if you want to get updates during the ride, you can subscribe to the text list (see the info on the right-hand sidebar) or just subscribe to our Twitter feed (also on the right-hand sidebar) because texts when we’re arriving at/departing from different locations during the ride will auto-post to Twitter.  It’s free to sign up, and we’ve finally got the system down… now that the system isn’t down!

As for the route, everyone who’s been on the first Test Ride says that it’s super-fun and needs very few tweaks, so we’re extremely excited.  Once again, we will be heading into new, as-yet-unseen-by-a-Bike-Party territory, which makes the Wild West theme perfect for September.

As always, if you’d like to volunteer, we could use the help – you can connect with us by email or via our Facebook page (check out our Stay in the Loop page).  And if you want to spread the word about Bike Party, you can print out flyers of your own by grabbing the image here.

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