Superhero Ride This Friday (I Love It When a Plan Comes Together)

Although we’re not going to post the ride route for a couple of days, we put the finishing touches on it today and it is awesome.  As promised, the Bike Party will head east, then south, then travel back towards Old Oakland and finally wrap things up at the Parkway Lounge.  But there’s so, so much more…

Socializing begins at 7:30pm at Lake Merritt BART and we leave at 8pm sharp.  We’re planning on three stops during the ride, and one of them is an ice cream stop. We’ve also done a little work behind the scenes so that when we finish the ride at the Parkway Lounge, the pizza cart will be outside and there will be drink specials waiting for us inside.  Sweet, right?

As for terrain, it’s mostly flat.  There are rises but nothing you’d really call a hill.  In short, you don’t need to be a superhero to ride this route (but we’d love it if you dress like one). We expect it to be an epic night.  Some quick things to think about:

  1. If you plan to eat on or after the ride, you probably want to bring some cash. Pizza cart = cash. Ice cream.. not sure if it’s cash-only or not, but the lines sure move faster with cash.
  2. Volunteers: Some of our big guns aren’t going to be with us on this ride, so the more people who can help us out (directing turns, holding cars back on side streets, reminding people to stick to one lane) the more smoothly things will go. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can email us at or just show up at 7:30pm at Lake Merritt BART for the Volunteer Briefing.
  3. If you’re costuming up, when putting your outfit together keep safety in mind. Make sure you can see (nothing blocking your sight), be seen, and don’t have anything loose, long, dangling or sticking out which might snag a wheel or someone else.
  4. Lights and helmets – it’s the superhero way.

Stay tuned for the ride route in a couple of days.  Spread the word – this Friday, the superheroes arrive in Oakland!

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