August Bike Party: Starting Point – Lake Merritt BART (Plus: Costume Advice)

We’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on the ride route for August’s Superhero Bike Party, but we thought we’d give you some info (and advice) to get you ready for the big day.  Our starting point will be the Lake Merritt BART and we’ll head out, as usual, at 8pm.  If you’d like to help out with corners or other aspects of the ride, shoot us an email ( or just show up early, at 7:30pm, with the rest of the volunteers.

We can’t give you full ride details just yet, but as reported earlier, we will be headed east and south, and it will be new territory for a lot of people.  Which makes this a bona fide adventure.  And we’re definitely fans of that.

As you also know, the theme for this month’s ride is Superheroes.  Do with it what you will.  However, since many superheroes have capes, we thought we’d remind you to make sure your cape is designed so that it won’t catch in your wheels (or anyone else’s), impede your brakes, cover your blinkie light, etc.  In this case, a short cape may not be such a bad idea.

Even well-known super-suit designer Edna Mode is aware of the risks that come with a hero’s cape (jump ahead to 1:43):

So, when building your outfit, remember the superhero code: to keep the fair citizens of your metropolis safe… including yourself!

Stay tuned for more details.  Same Bike Party time… same Bike Party Channel.

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1 Response to August Bike Party: Starting Point – Lake Merritt BART (Plus: Costume Advice)

  1. Sonia Minor says:

    This was our first Bike Party!!!! My cousins invited a few of us to this event, they said we would like it,and they were right! We did not know what to expect, it was very safe and FUN. Lots of friendly people & nice Zombies. This event is great for ALL ages who can ride for a couple of hours. Looking forward to the next event. Thank you for such a pleasant ride….. keep it going

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