Ride Day Is Here! Quick Review of Guidelines & Info

Today’s the day!  It’s time for a Bike Party!!

Keep in mind, this is a social ride, so the goal of our ride is to have fun, build the cycling community up, and enjoy cycling. Our goal is not to create conflict with motorists, if anything it’s the opposite. We want to create a bike-positive mindset for those who do the ride as well as those who see it pass by.

With that said, this is how we ride:

  1. Stay in the right lane
  2. Stop at red lights
  3. Pack your trash (Leave no trace)
  4. Ride straight, ride predictably
  5. Roll past conflict
  6. Leave no one behind
  7. Ride Sober (Safety is sexy!)
  8. MAKE NOISE!!! We like hootin’ and hollerin’, so bring your voices and your noise makers!

We will have maps to hand out so no one gets lost, and the map is posted on the East Bay Bike Party Facebook page in case you plan on meeting up with us later. Keep up with where we’re at one of two ways (as we’ll be posting/texting messages during the ride):

  1. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ebbikeparty
  2. Get ride updates via text: Text ebbikeparty to 41411 and you will be subscribed to our ride list. (Standard text message charges apply – so, basically, whatever it costs you currently to receive texts.)

We’ll be meeting at the corner of Broadway and 14th in Oakland, on the City Hall side. We’ll be hard to miss – a big bunch of people making noise with lights and music on bikes.

And remember, the first rule of Bike Party is: “You talk about Bike Party!”  Tell your friends and bring some along.  See you tonight!

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