January 14th Bike Party in Hayward: Hillbilly Wedding

When we chose the name East Bay Bike Party for our monthly social ride, it was no accident. In time, we want to bring some Friday bike love to *all* of our awesome side of the Bay. So, when a group of excited, determined (and most of all fun) riders from Hayward came to us with a plan to take our foot-fired fiesta to their town, we listened to the plan… and it was a great one! The upshot: January’s Bike Party (on the 14th) will be our first foray into Hayward!

Thanks to the advance team from Hayward, this ride is looking to be super-sweet. Since they’ve got the inside track on their town, they set up a route that is bike-friendly, gives a great feel for their fair city, includes party stops with plenty of room to party, and ends at a great local dive bar: The Dirty Bird!

And get ready for a showdown at the hoedown as the next ride’s theme is Hillbilly Wedding!  What does it mean?  Anything you want it to!

Hillbilly Wedding Don’t miss this one, as it’s a chance to surprise the people of Hayward with bikes, smiles, hoots, hollers and more than a few cheers of “Bike Party!”

The ride will start at the Bay Fair BART and we’ll ride about 12 miles to South Hayward where the off-bike celebrations commence at The Dirty Bird. The bar is close to the South Hayward BART, so if you’re headed home by rail it’s a cinch!

The ride route will be posted the week of the ride (as always) and the usual start time applies: socializing begins at 7:30pm, ride departs at 8pm.  If your New Year’s resolutions include seeing new places, meeting new people, having more fun and riding your bike more often you *need* to hit up Hayward with us on January 14th.

Bike Party: It’s not just a ride… it’s an adventure!  Yeehaw!!

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One Response to January 14th Bike Party in Hayward: Hillbilly Wedding

  1. mvrobb says:

    Sounds like a great time as always with you guys! I’m looking forward to coming over. YEEE HAAAAW!

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